Welcome to Certified Humboldt!


The Certified Humboldt (MC Marketing Group C11-18-0000053-TEMP) cannabis distribution facility is located in the town of Garberville, a major hub for small family farmers and the epicenter of organic cannabis growers in Southern Humboldt County.

The facility is adjacent to our sister manufacturing company, Paradigm Cannabis Group (First MC Processing - CDPH-T00001150). Both companies are an offshoot of the Tea House Collective, Humboldt’s very first branded collective established in 2010 by local farmers producing sungrown, environmentally conscious cannabis; and both companies will continue to uphold and promote the same Tea House Collective values and standards.

Certified Humboldt is a different type of distributor, born of a commitment to strengthen our community through face-to-face connection and through the support of ecologically sound farming principles. Our supply base is exclusively Humboldt sungrown cannabis, cultivated in harmony with our wildlife and our watersheds. If you are a licensed and local cannabis producer looking to start with a local option for moving your product, get in touch with us here.