Welcome to Certified Humboldt!

We are here to serve you, the cannabis growers of Humboldt County.

Our mission

...is to certify your sustainable outdoor growing practices and the fact that your crop is grown in Humboldt. No other certification does this.

Certified Humboldt is a message to patients and collectives that your product originates here in Humboldt and that you are contributing to the health of your part of the planet through your growing methods.
Our emblem appears with your product and signifies that your farm has passed third-party evaluation, independent of collectives and the growers themselves.

What we certify

Your certification by Certified Humboldt means that your farm has been inspected by an experienced peer with advanced knowledge of sustainable growing practices, who has determined that your practices meet a high standard of sustainability.

Our blog

Certified Humboldt promotes further development of sustainable farming practices through frequent blogging - new methods, new information. Growers are encouraged to submit blog entries.

Direct trade

For those so willing, Certified Humboldt offers a "Know Your Farmer" service just as coffee growers do, complete with photo and information about you and what you do. This is a Direct Trade practice—it offers more involvement to customers than Fair Traide and adds an appealing personal touch to your product. "Know Your Farmer" appears on our website for patients.

Feel free to poke around our website and find out how we can help you promote your crop to the folks who already understand the benefits of sustainable Humboldt outdoor-grown cannabis!